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About Us

Prepare your children for their first day of kindergarten with stimulating early childhood education from our dedicated teachers. At ABC/123 Preschool Classes in Queen Creek, Arizona, we strive to create a fun-loving environment that will make your little ones look forward to learning.

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Trusted Services from a Highly Qualified Professional

Rest assured that your child is receiving the attentive care that he or she deserves with our well-trained staff. We are led by Jody Bell, an educational expert with her Bachelor's degree in early childhood development. She is a mother of two children, ages 21 and 28, so she understands how important your child's education is. Our leader also gained valuable experience while teaching early childhood development classes for 14 years with the City of Chandler "Apple to Zebras Program" before moving to Queen Creek 9 years ago.

Continuous Growth with Daily Lessons

Immerse your children in an active learning environment, and watch them grow smarter every day. Our year-round program is designed to help your child excel in his or her education, and classes take place Monday through Friday at the Queen Creek Recreational Annex. The program continues every six weeks.

High-Quality Education at a Low-Cost Price

Don't let finances stop you from investing in your child's future. By working with the Town of Queen Creek Recreation Department, we are able to offer Queen Creek residents our first-rate program at an exceptionally low price. Our services are priced at less than $4 per hour.

Easy Accessibility for Questions & Registration

We look forward to working with you and your children to further their education and help prepare them for the future. Hours at the Annex vary, so, if you have any questions or concerns or would like to register for classes, please visit the Town of Queen Creek Parks and Recreation office's physical location or online website.